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Cancion popular rusa en homenaje a Stenka Razin, jefe de los cosacos durante la rebelion contra el Tzar Alexis en 1669-71.

Enviada por Charles Olguin

Song of Stenka Razin.
Russian folk song.
Из-за острова на стрежень.

Краткая история о Стеньке Разине и персиянке здесь:
The folk song of Stenka Razin is very popular in Russia. Boris Shtokolov performes it with great feeling  expressiveness. Folk songs incarnate the voice, history soul of the people who've created them, glorifying human feelings aspirations. 
Folk songs arising from the necessity of man to give vent to his intermost feelings pertine to the most lively, versafile emotional form of popular art. 
Whose heart can remain cold to the sounds of a slow Russian song with its stern grandeur broadness of melody? 
These characteristics are true of "Song of Stepan Razin". In this video you can also see the pictures of Volga-river, which I've taken for this song in I-net pieces from the film "Sadko".

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